NexBot AI

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The missing tool for busy content creators and entrepreneurs. To quickly create high-quality, engaging content for your Emails, Ads, Websites, Listings, Blogs & More.

works across any application


The NexBot Mac app provides cross-application compatibility. It works with applications such as Notion, Spreadsheets, Browsers, Email apps, Discord, Slack, OneNote, and Software IDEs.

100% control and


Your privacy is our priority. We never store your prompts and generated outputs on our server. Instead, we use secure and encrypted local storage. This prevents hacking and data leakage.Also, NexBot lets you use your own OpenAI API Key and allows you to adjust the API parameters to customize the outputs. This gives you 100% control over your token usage.

compared to and


NexBot is 5-10X more affordable than the competition because of its unlimited word and character counts, as well as its unlimited templates. You can also build and customize your own templates.

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Unlimited Words. Unlimited Outputs. Unlimited Documents. Unlimited Favorites. Unlimited History. Unlimited Custom Templates. Smart Continue Writer. Run Custom Commands. Text to Speech. And more.

highly accessible


NexBot is highly accessible, even if you're constantly on the go. It's also available on mobile phones and optimized for them, as well as being available on the web without the need for installation.